Koi Good News ? By Zarreen Khan

When Mona Mathur of Dehradun had married her college sweetheart Ramit Deol of Amritsar, there were two things she wasn’t prepared for: 1. The size of the Deol family – it put any Sooraj Barjatiya movie to shame 2. The fertility of the Deol family – they reproduce faster than any other species known to mankind For four years now, Mona and Ramit have done the unthinkable and remained childless. Of course, that also means that they’ve battled that one question day in and day out: ‘Koi Good News?’ It doesn’t matter that they have been happy to be child-free – they are married; they are expected to make babies. After all, there are grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts and even colony aunties in waiting. Brutally honest, thoroughly irreverent, Koi Good News? is the funniest book you’ll read this year.

The story revolves around Mona and Ramit, they both have been married for 4 years! Being married for four years Ramit and Mona did an unthinkable thing i.e., they remained childless. Ramit’s family are known for their reproduction capabilities, they reproduce faster than any other species on earth. Now that they are childless for 4 years they have battled with one question “Koi Good News Hai?”

This story is so hilarious!! I was laughing my heart out while reading it.

Mona and Ramit as characters are so realistic and super adorable, they are like any other person we meet everyday! Their insecurities, thought process everything is so natural and relatable.
The Side characters, like both the mothers, Mona’s younger Sister, Ramit’s and Mona’s Glitzy Neighbours shined like diamonds. Zareen has definitely done a commendable job in portraying the characters

My review
Zareen’s Narrative style is flawless. Also the fact that you are so involved in the story your emotions will fluctuate, while Mona’s and Ramit’s fluctuates.
This book is definitely not a thought provoking, life changing or a mind grinding book. But is definitely a funny take on the Indian society and Indian customs.

Pros and Cons of reading this book.

You will laugh a lot, i mean a lot
Story is good
Language is perfect, no grammatical errors no nothing.

You will end up having a stomach ache because of all the laughter business.


Definitely pick this up!!! Especially the newly married couples, so that you can take a note on how not to Succumb to family pressures

About the Author

Zarreen Khan is a beautiful mommy to two adorable kids. You can connect with her here on



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